Interlube’s Opti-2 formula upgrade earns ISO-L-EGD++ rating

 Interlube International’s latest Opti-2 two-cycle lubricant formula upgrade received the highest worldwide performance rating. This new semi-synthetic blend burns cleaner, mixes easier, and surpasses the highest performance standards set by ISO and JASO. Opti-2 not only exceeds ratings JASO-FD and ISO-L-EGD, but it also passed 2 additional Husqvarna chain saw tests for lubricity, anti-scuffing, detergency and ring sticking. Opti-2’s outstanding performance under those 2 additional tests are symbolized by the ++ at the end of the rating. After completing extensive field testing, Interlube began producing and shipping the new formula in March 2008, enabling this announcement without obsoleting field inventories.

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