Indy Equipment purchases Power Buggy line from Terex

Indy Equipment has purchased the power buggy product line from Terex and has resumed manufacturing in its facility in Independence, Ohio. New units will be marketed under Indy Equipment’s new brand, “The Power Buggy.”

When Terex made a strategic decision to sell off non-core product lines, Indy Equipment saw an opportunity. “We had been renting and selling power buggies to our customers for years under the Terex brand and knew the product very well. Every one of our customers who had used a power buggy was a fan because it ran great and was very dependable despite tough work conditions,” said Vic DiGeronimo Jr, president of Indy Equipment & Supply, LLC.

The Power Buggy is a rugged motorized mini-dump vehicle designed to drive on rough terrain and operate in areas inaccessible to trucks or pumps. The operator rides in a standing position on the back. Loads are carried in a front-mounted bed with a hydraulic dump. It serves as a safer and higher-volume alternative to the jobsite wheel barrow with the ability to safely carry 2,500 to 3,200 pounds, depending on the model.

The Power Buggy can be used for landscaping projects, to transport ready-mix concrete to a form, and for demolition or work site cleanup. It saves time due to its high-volume capacity and reduces hard labor and the risk of injury.

Indy recently began manufacturing The Power Buggy at its facility in Independence, Ohio, and continues to sell and rent the remaining units that were built by Terex. “We’re not changing anything for now, because it was already a solid product. We’re listening to our customers to see what they say,” said Jeff Bonomo, operations manager for Indy. Indy Equipment also says it will honor warranties on all Terex hydraulic power buggy PB-16 and PB-21 models. Service and parts for these models are also available through Indy Equipment.

To keep up with demand, Indy has created new parts and assembly jobs and is bringing new business to local supply vendors. “We’re really proud to be producing the best power buggy out there, and that every component is made and manufactured right here in America.”

The Power Buggy is available nationwide at dealerships and equipment rental stores. There are 2 models available; the PB-16 can carry 16 cubic feet and up to 2,500 pounds per load, and the PB-21 can carry 21 cubic feet and up to 3,200 pounds per load. Detailed product specifications can be found at


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