Oregon’s 2011 product catalog now available

In early October, Oregon began shipping its 2011 product catalog directly to its dealers. The catalog boasts more than 8,000 forestry and outdoor equipment products, including many new products. Featured prominently on the catalog’s back cover is Oregon’s most notable new product: the PowerSharp precision saw chain sharpening system. This patented system allows a user to sharpen PowerSharp saw chain on the saw, on the job, in seconds. The catalog also contains a large selection of new outdoor equipment parts, ranging from lawnmower and hedge trimmer blades to carburetors and starters, and more. If you are a dealer wishing to receive Oregon’s 2011 product catalog, contact Oregon at (888) 653-4335 or by e-mail at info@oregonchain.com. Oregon’s 2011 product catalog may also be viewed and downloaded at www.oregonchain.com.

Oregon|Blount, Inc./(888) 653-4335


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