Schiller Grounds Care introduces several products for 2011


 BOB-CAT Predator-Pro


 Mantis XP Tiller/Cultivator


 Little Wonder’s 14-hp. Shredding TruckLoader


 Classen hydro-static drive sod cutter


 Steiner 235 front-wheel-drive tractorSchiller Grounds Care, Inc., manufacturer of BOB-CAT, Classen, Little Wonder, Mantis, Ryan and Steiner brand gardening, landscaping and grounds care equipment, took GIE+EXPO 2010 by storm with a slew of new and innovative products across many of its brands. These new products included the following:

1) New line of BOB-CAT mowers: The 2011 line of BOB-CAT mowers, which includes commercial walk-behinds, residential zero-turns and three levels of commercial zero-turn riders, is all new with fuel systems that meet 2011 EPA exhaust and evaporative emission requirements. Beyond the tank, these mowers offer many impressive patent-pending features when it comes to comfort, stability and productivity. BOB-CAT’s exclusive ISO-Ride Comfort System with elastomeric bearings isolates the operator from vibration at all touch points, including the hands, feet and seat, for a smooth ride regardless of terrain or length of use. Easy-to-locate and adjust controls and a best-in-class seat offer exceptional rider comfort setting flexibility. Increased legroom, a convenient Foot Assist Lift Pedal that can quickly be mounted on the left or right side for user preference, and an ergonomic lower profile allow for operator height versatility. Other features include a large discharge opening (20 percent or larger depending on the model), low center of gravity (up to 2 inches lower for outstanding visibility and hill-hugging stability), tension mount motion control levers, easy access to maintenance and service points, and broad cut-height adjustment (1 to 5.5 inches).

2) Mantis XP Tiller/Cultivator: This handheld unit is the Mantis alternative to larger and heavier, mid- and rear-tine tillers. Weighing in at a trim 34 pounds, the compact XP uses the power of a 35-cc Honda 4-cycle engine to spin Mantis’ patented serpentine tines up to 240 rpm to easily slice through sod and the hardest, most compact soils up to 10 inches deep in a 16-inch swath. The XP utilizes a unique dual tine bank drive shaft that provides for exceptional control and maneuverability at a wide cut. Independently mounted dual tine banks offer the flexibility to go from a 16-inch width to a single tine bank “Mantis Mini” width of 9 inches in a matter of seconds by simply removing a tine bank from each side.

3) Two Little Wonder TruckLoaders: Little Wonder introduced a compact 14-hp. model with tailgate mount option and an 18-hp. unit with a key-start electronic ignition. The 14-hp. unit has a manageable stature, making it ideal for one-person operation and light-capacity trucks. Durable composite and polyethylene materials that are up to 50-percent lighter than steel, lessen unit weight without sacrificing strength where lightweight durability is important. Built to last, the 14-hp. unit features two liners that protect both the housing and the discharge chute from wear. The 8-inch-diameter, 10-foot-long intake hose is made of translucent, flexible urethane that is abrasion and tear resistant with a smooth interior for unrestricted material flow, and it has a new tubular-steel, wide-grip handle for operator comfort.

4) Classen hydrostatic-drive sod cutter line: Classen’s 2011 Hydro-Drive sod cutters boast a new reduced vibration system. These units sport a new ergonomic handle with elastomeric vibration dampening system and bearing isolators that reduce the vibration felt by the operator. Benefits of the hydrostatic-drive vibration reduction mechanism include smoother operation, less operator fatigue and increased productivity.

5) Steiner 235 front-wheel-drive tractor: This tractor combines speed and agility with superb traction and power. A nimble workhorse, the Steiner 235 is powered by a rugged 25-hp. Kubota diesel engine and uses smooth hydrostatic front wheel drive and rear power steering to provide for infinitely variable-speed control up to 10 mph for open areas and a tight 14-inch turning radius for exceptional maneuverability in cramped, tight spaces and niche areas. The steady and stable Steiner 235 is compact with a low center of gravity to tackle rolling terrain. With wide 350 Mag 6-ply front drive tires, a transmission differential lock that links both drive wheels for even traction, and a Traction-Max weight transfer system for a traction boost that shifts weight to the drive wheels when needed, the new 235 practically hugs steep hills and slopes, giving users the freedom to tackle any terrain. An assortment of front-mount attachments is available.

6) New line of Steiner snow blower attachments Steiner introduced its SB448 and SB454 snow blower attachments with 48- and 54-inch widths, respectively. The SB448 may be used with the 430 Max tractor, and the SB454 is compatible with the 430 Max and 235 tractors.

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