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I recently read a story that says a lot about how we live our lives today. A man gallops down the road on a runaway horse. He passes a friend who yells, “Where are you going?” Clinging to the horse’s mane, the rider shouts back: “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

Do you feel like that rider frantically clinging to a runaway horse? Do you know where your “horse” is taking you in 2011? It’s not too late to gain some control over where you want to end up in your business or personal life this year. No, I’m not talking about creating a formal business plan. But, I am suggesting you take some time to write down expectations and goals for 2011 for you and your business. I’m a big believer in setting goals or expectations, so there is never any doubt about desired results. With goals, you have something to measure as you journey to reach them. What better way to ensure success.


Okay, who took the month of January off my 2011 calendar? I didn’t even get a chance to look at January before it disappeared. It’s not fair! I want January back…but only the days it didn’t snow.


I recently took the time to attend a dealer presentation by Bob Clements. If you want to revolutionize the way your dealership operates and improve your processes and profitability, then you too need to attend a Bob Clements’ Webinar or half- or full-day presentation. Believe me that the money you spend to listen to Bob will be some of the best money you ever spend to improve your business and ensure its success and longevity.

You can read Bob Clements’ articles here in OPE magazine. And I highly recommend that you do. But the impact of seeing him in person is huge, as will be the impact of Bob’s wisdom on your business if you follow his simple but effective methods for running and measuring your service and parts department processes.

When Bob says the reason you are in business is not to provide great customer service, but rather to make “obscene amounts of money,” you know you have come to the right meeting. His ideas will revolutionize your business; I can’t say it any stronger than that. Any money you invest in learning Bob’s methods will be paid back to you in additional profits, many times over. Don’t believe me? Go read about Bob at I am a “true believer” now. Once you hear him speak, you will be too.


Marc Lesser, in his 2009 book titled Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less, offered the following suggestions for achieving balance in your life.

1) Accept your impermanence. The fact is life is short and we all die. Knowing this helps us stay focused on what’s important. If you weren’t so distracted by the busyness of your life, what is it you would want to accomplish? Whatever it is, do it now — with as much grace, intensity and sense of ease as you can muster. Everything changes, so don’t let change paralyze you. Instead, use it to help you focus on what’s important.

2) Your entire life is borrowed time. Imagine for a moment, that you have died and now have a chance to return to this life. What would you do differently?

3) Don’t let technology control you (or your children). Limit e-mail checks; let the answering machine take phone calls; reduce your children’s computer game time. (Good luck with this.)

4) Finally, create your own stress reduction toolkit. Find a routine that relaxes you that you can use daily wherever you are.


I walked out of the house a few mornings ago, the snow had melted, and birds were singing. It was really very scary! It’s still winter, but it felt for a few moments that spring had accidently arrived early. I love delusions of spring! There’s no cure for it, thank goodness. Bring it on! We’re all ready.


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