Sioux Corporation introduces Sioux Descaler

All water-heating and hot-water-cleaning equipment is subject to lime-scale build-up, which can clog nozzles, reduce heating efficiency, and shorten machine life. Even 1/8-inch of scale build-up can lead to a 22-percent increase in energy costs. To reduce and eliminate lime-scale build-up, Sioux Corporation is now introducing Sioux Descaler.

Sioux Descaler removes scale on systems with existing scale build-up. This biodegradable liquid is available in 5-gallon jugs and 30-gallon drums, and it is formulated to economically and effectively dissolve scale build-up in machines. Sioux Descaler can be used to remove scale build-up when needed on all hot-water equipment, including water heaters, solution heaters, pressure washers, steam cleaners and steam generators.

Sioux Corp.

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