Altec introduces chipper to new market segment

Altec recently continued the expansion of its tree care product line with the introduction of the DC610 chipper to meet customer and industry demands. The Altec DC610 caters to the rental and consumer markets, with a user-friendly design that can be easily towed behind a smaller vehicle and requires little maintenance.

“As with all Altec products, safety remains at the forefront of our business,” says Kathy Milne, Altec’s tree care market manager. “The DC610 follows safety procedures and presents fresh opportunities to a new market segment.”

The Altec DC610 has electronic controls with diagnostics capabilities and features the Altec “Panic Bar” system, which provides operators a dedicated stop mechanism for the feed system, independent of the feed control bar. Other safety features include the rerouting of the exhaust to protect the end user from heat, and a well-balanced design for successful transport and ground stability.

The robust design is comprised of a strong tubular frame and heavy-duty steel fenders that provide support for all parts of the chipper. A “hedge hog” feed roller has an aggressive grip and secure feeding system to get the job done easily.

Other features of the Altec DC610 include:

Road tires that accommodate steady towing, but are soft on turf
A folding tongue that makes the unit smaller for easy storage and transport
6-inch by 10-inch in-feed throat capacity that allows forked branches to be chipped without extra cuts
Clean and simple plumbing
Feedsense control system that stops the hydraulic feed system if the rpm drops below a certain level to prevent stalling
Durable, powder-coat paint that increases the chipper’s lifespan.

Altec Industries, Inc.


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