Turning customer wait time into incremental revenue

Digital signage provides a flexible, effective platform for seasonal and special offers

For many independent retailers, balancing sales staff numbers with demand can turn into a waiting game — often for the customer. The challenge for these retailers is to keep customers engaged and entertained during their wait, which is where digital signage is making a real difference.

Based on his experience deploying more than 700 digital signage installations in independent retailer locations across the United States, Ben Stagg of Vital Media has witnessed firsthand the impact of digital signage in the showroom.

“It’s all in the dwell time and the content,” said Stagg, relating a recent experience in an automotive service center. “Someone who comes in for a new set of tires will end up getting new shocks, wiper blades or an oil change. But unless the offer is up there and inviting to viewers, these incremental opportunities go out the door when the customer leaves.”

A typical showroom or retail outlet can be a distracting environment, with competing brands, competing POP (point of purchase), varying levels of sales staff knowledge, as well as other customers vying for attention and service. Digital signage clears the way for a positive impression on the consumer. Unlike traditional printed POP and display messaging, today’s networked digital sign can be remotely managed to keep the in-store messaging consistent with other brand marketing media, in addition to enabling the independent retailer to display special offers to suit their location or seasonal demands.

“And that’s the real trick,” said Stagg. “A fresh, creative set of messages that campaign what a brand is doing in other media, as well as presenting special offers from that retailer combine to raise brand awareness, as well as incremental sales.”

With more digital POP screens entering the consumer retail environment every day, the customer experience with consumer packaged goods marketing transfers directly into considered purchase products shopping experience and expectations. Digital signage provides a proven media platform that satisfies the fundamental needs of brand awareness, product and service promotion, and co-op marketing. It also provides the customer with quick, useful information that differentiates a brand from its competitors during customer wait time making a measurable impact on incremental sales.

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