Honda announces production milestone

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, announced Jan. 6 that Honda’s cumulative worldwide power products production reached the 100-million-unit milestone during 2011.

Honda power products business dates back to 1953, based on the original spirit of Honda to utilize technology to help people, when an engine for agricultural equipment was launched with passion to use Honda’s engine technologies to reduce the manual labor of farmers.

Since then, Honda has been utilizing its core technology, the engine, to gradually expand its power products lineup, which now includes tillers, generators, outboard engines, water pumps, lawn mowers, snow blowers and other products. Honda’s power products play an essential role in the lives of people around the world as the power to help people on various occasions.

Working toward the realization of a low-carbon society, Honda has been, especially in recent years, proactive in developing products in the areas of energy conservation and creation. As a result, Honda has been increasing the diversity of its power products lineup, which now includes a compact household gas engine cogeneration unit, and a solar power system which adopts CIGS thin-film solar cells.

In Japan, Honda power products are produced at Kumamoto Factory and Hosoe Plant at Hamamatsu Factory. In regions outside of Japan, Honda power products production began in 1984 with the production of lawn mowers in the United States. Since then, Honda has been establishing and increasing the capacity of production plants in Europe and Asia as well. Today, Honda power products are produced at 11 production plants in nine countries and are used regularly by people in more than 150 countries around the world, positioning power products business as one of the key pillars for Honda’s business along with the motorcycle and automobile businesses.

Honda will continue its efforts to provide a wide range of environmentally responsible, safe and useful products to fulfill the increasingly diversifying needs of customers across the world.


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