DR Power Equipment’s new dual-action electric log splitter offers versatility

DR Power Equipment’s 10-Ton Dual-Action Electric Log Splitter is the only electric/gas combination wood splitter currently available on the market, and this versatile machine has been receiving positive Web-submitted testimonials and customer feedback. As one reviewer commented, “It’s so quiet and no maintenance is required. We have split wood up to 22 inches with no problem. It purrs like a kitten, but splits wood like a 10 ton gorilla.”

Because the log splitter plugs into a regular 110-volt electric outlet, it gives consumers enough power to cut knotty hardwood in a compact machine that they can use in their garage or basement. For consumers who split wood year round, this makes a big difference because they no longer need to fight extreme cold to fill their fireplaces.

The 10-Ton Electric Model is the only log splitter available with an optional conversion kit that changes its power source from electric to gas, giving the log splitter the ability to go outside the range of an electrical outlet. This machine also has the means to get there, too. With available fenders, tail lights, and ball hitch, consumers can tow the splitter to the most remote region of their property and even across town to another jobsite. The conversion kit also adds an additional 5 tons of splitting force to the 10-ton electric splitter, giving it even more power for the toughest, knottiest hardwoods.

The log splitter belongs to DR’s Dual-Action Splitter lineup, which includes a variety of gas-powered models. These log splitters feature a time-saving mechanism that splits logs in both directions, processing wood at up to 2 times the speed of conventional log splitters. Each of the models, which include gas, electric and a 3-point-hitch unit, feature heavy-duty hydraulics and an optional road towing kit.

DR Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc.


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