Generac helps East Coast residents facing long-term power outages

Generac announced Oct. 30 that it has ramped up production and shipping of its generators to meet the needs of East Coast residents now facing long-term power outages due to Hurricane Sandy. Generac opened up its new Jefferson, Wis., facility earlier than expected and hired additional employees to support the increased production. Employees are working 24 hours a day to guarantee products are being shipped to affected areas as quickly as possible.

“Here at Generac we are working around the clock, running extra shifts, and shipping thousands of units to ensure residents along the East Coast who don’t have power can recover from this devastating storm safely and in their own homes,” said Generac spokesman Art Aiello.

Generators can help in dangerous situations by keeping lights on so residents can see dangerous debris, keeping refrigerators running so food and medication aren’t spoiled, turning the heat on for those who will be facing outages in the blizzard zones, and keeping the Internet working so residents can stay connected, work from home, and monitor the storm.

Aiello and Duane Nelson, who are Generac hurricane preparedness experts, are available for phone or satellite interviews discussing the steps Generac is taking to get generators to those who need them most. Generac dealers across the country are also available to discuss where residents can get a generator to keep them safe during the storm, demonstrate how to properly use it, and discuss how it could help people in a potentially dangerous situation.


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