Stihl launches game-changer among new battery products


Stihl AR 900 backpack battery


Stihl MSA C-BQ chain saw


Stihl HSA 66 hedge trimmerAt GIE+EXPO 2013, Stihl Inc. unveiled several innovative products, including one it firmly believes will be a game-changer for landscapers — the Stihl AR 900 backpack battery — to power all handheld products in the Stihl Battery KombiSystem. The company also expanded the Stihl Battery KombiSystem with the introduction of the MSA C-BQ chain saw and HSA 66 hedge trimmer.

The Stihl AR 900 backpack battery delivers the extended product run times professionals have been asking for — up to 11 hours — increasing the size of jobs that can be tackled with maximum efficiency. This super-charged lithium-ion backpack battery generates up to 10 times more power than other Stihl Battery KombiSystem batteries, all with zero-exhaust emissions and no gasoline expense.

“The AR 900 is truly an innovation in battery technology, harnessing the same power of about five AP 180 batteries, allowing professional landscapers to cover larger jobsites, and making battery operation a true alternative to gasoline-powered equipment,” said Marv Mathwig, product manager at Stihl Inc. “Run times on a single charge range from an hour and 50 minutes for the blower and up to 11 hours for hedge trimmers and extended-reach hedge trimmers.”

Designed for optimal comfort, the AR 900 weighs 15.7 pounds and is equipped with padded straps and a harness that features a hip belt and chest strap to effectively distribute battery weight for reduced fatigue. In addition to transferring handheld weight from the equipment to the backpack, this versatile battery offers quick disconnects, making transitions from one tool to another fast and easy.

The AR 900 has added convenience features to include an integrated carrying handle and a bag for the adapter, allowing for easy transport. Six LED lights indicate battery status and monitor level of charge, allowing operators to check battery status before and during a job to ensure there is enough power to complete the task. With no gradual drop in power, Stihl lithium-ion battery technology runs at full speed until the battery is depleted.

The efficient, energy-conserving Stihl AL 500 lithium-ion high-speed charger, which is designed to charge the AR 900, as well as all Stihl lithium-ion batteries, is the fastest in the Stihl battery charger line. The 36-volt system charges AP 80 and AP 180 batteries to 80-percent capacity in just 25 minutes, and the AR 900 backpack in less than two hours. The charger automatically powers down once the charge is complete, which coupled with the cooling fan, prevents overheating. The LED display informs the user of whether or not the battery is charging. Integrated brackets allow the user to easily mount the charger to the wall.

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* The MSA C-BQ is Stihl’s most powerful lithium-ion chain saw to date. When used with the AP 180 battery, the MSA 200 C-BQ has 15-percent more motor speed, 30-percent more cutting capacity and 20-percent more torque than the MSA 160 C-BQ. Quiet enough to use indoors or in residential areas, this cordless electric chain saw allows users greater flexibility to work on projects with minimal noise and no exhaust emissions. The MSA 200 C-BQ is powered by an easily interchangeable 36-volt battery that works with all Stihl Battery KombiSystem tools.

“The battery-powered MSA 200 C-BQ eliminates fuel expenses, cutting the cost of long-term operation,” said Kent Hall, product manager at Stihl Inc. “Convenient and easy to use, this chain saw starts instantly with the pull of the multi-speed trigger.”

The battery indicates the current charge level so users are aware of how much power is available before they begin a job. When the chain saw is in use, the battery runs at full efficiency until depleted.

Low vibration keeps users from tiring quickly during long run times and increases comfort in the cut. The Quick Chain Adjuster feature enables the user to tension the chain without the use of tools. The Stihl Quickstop Plus chain braking system stops the rotating chain in less than one second when the rear handle is released.

This cordless chain saw delivers the speed, cutting capacity, and run time to handle most yard work, carpentry, storm cleanup and firewood cutting jobs.

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* The Stihl HSA 66 lithium-ion hedge trimmer features an energy-efficient design that allows for up to 40-percent longer run times than the HSA 65.

“The Stihl Battery KombiSystem has revolutionized lawn care maintenance, and the HSA 66 hedge trimmer delivers a combination of performance and efficiency,” said Dan Pherson, product manager at Stihl Inc. “The Stihl HSA 66 runs up to 40-percent longer than previous models, which can be up to 11 hours of run time when used with the AR 900 backpack battery – a great benefit to commercial users. The HSA 66 weighs about a pound less than the previous model, making it much easier to maneuver.”

Easy and convenient for homeowners and landscapers, the HSA 66 starts instantly with the pull of a trigger. High cutting speeds allow users to complete more trimming in a shorter amount of time compared to previous models. The 20-inch blade is handy for almost any use, providing superior maneuverability for sculpting or shaping applications, as well as general hedge trimming. The optimized blade geometry, tooth spacing and diamond-ground blade edges result in cleaner cuts, even in thick and tough shrubbery. The HSA 66 also has no exhaust emissions and is four times quieter than its gasoline-powered equivalent, providing another environmentally responsible option for hedge trimming tasks.


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