Ecolawn’s new ECO 200 self-propelled top dresser

Ecolawn’s active research in the topdressing market led the company to develop the ECO 200 self-propelled top dresser. The ECO 200’s reverse-spin, dual-wheel broadcast system delivers a uniform spreading pattern with even the heaviest of materials, including sand. The ECO 200 features a new 4-wheel design for increased weight distribution and stability, allowing it to easily handle more weight without losing any of the original Ecolawn 100’s valued maneuverability and ease of operation. While sporting the same 1/3-cubic-yard hopper as the ECO 100 and a new support design, the ECO 200 has an improved, larger hopper opening, increasing the maximum feeding volume by up to 20 percent. The newly designed hopper also reduces or eliminates the bridging potential of less-fluid products. The ECO 200 is designed for lawn care professionals to handle commercial projects or work smoothly and efficiently in compact residential areas when spreading heavier materials. To see the ECO 200 in action, visit For more information, call (802) 673-0977.



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