New Element V Agility Pro WBH transmissions designed to go the distance for lawn care professionals

General Transmissions recently introduced its highly efficient and dependable line of Element V Agility Pro line of drive systems for the professional walk-behind lawn mower market.

“The Agility Pro is currently available in 5 different numbered models, providing manufacturers with a wide range of off-the-shelf options for their products,” said Wouter Barendrecht, general manager of France-based General Transmissions. “Of course, we can also provide custom-designed solutions for customers, so there is virtually no area of the professional walk-behind market that we can’t serve.”

The Element V Agility is already the world’s leading walk-behind transmission for the residential/consumer market. “We’ve taken the lessons learned from our residential lawnmower experience, adapted them to our professional line, and added additional capabilities to create what we believe is the best-in-class line of transmissions for the market,” added Barendrecht.

The company also use-tested its new heavier-duty Agility Pro transmissions for countless hours under extreme conditions to determine its ultimate fitness for the market.

Among the key benefits incorporated into the Agility Pro technology are the following:

Heavy-duty internal gearings to handle heavier equipment, and stand up to the rigors of daily professional use
A full range of drive types, including clutchless, cone clutch and automatics, to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace
Smooth, robust performance that can handle every type of terrain encountered by lawn care pros

“Discussions about incorporating the Agility Pro drive systems are ongoing with a variety of major manufacturers of branded outdoor power equipment for the U.S. and North American as well as European markets,” said Barendrecht. “There’s tremendous interest in the Agility Pro and other technologies, such as CVTs manufactured by General Transmissions.”

Element V is a full line of simple, tough and cost-effective walk-behind, ride-on and snow blower transmissions. In addition to its headquarters in France, General Transmissions has facilities in Mexico and China. Since its beginning in 1992, General Transmissions has become a leader in lawn care transmission systems, originally for walk-behind mowers, and, more recently, in riding mowers.

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