Canadian dealer revamps inventory counting process with Ideal Computer’s new mobile inventory app

Thornhill Lawn Equipment, a family-owned outdoor power equipment dealership in Thornhill, Ontario, is seeing significant benefits in its inventory counting process since implementing Ideal’s new mobile inventory app. The business is reporting quicker and more accurate inventory counts, a reduction in costs and staff needed for counts, and improved visibility of its fastest-moving parts.

“I think Ideal did a great job developing this new mobile inventory app,” said Thornhill’s General Manager John Engelsman. “You can easily scan the bar code, or enter the part number, look up the inventory on-hand, and update the count without having to go back and forth to the computer. It also prevents human error in that you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally entering in the wrong quantities.”

Thornhill has noticed a reduction in costs needed to conduct inventory counts. Since the app allows the dealership to conduct rapidly quicker inventory counts, the amount of staff and man hours needed to count inventory is greatly reduced, which also minimizes operating expenses.

“This app has become a huge time and money saver,” said Engelsman. “We’ve been able to reduce the staff needed to conduct year-end inventory counts by half, which makes a tremendous difference in the costs involved to perform counts.”

For more information on Ideal’s business management software solutions and its new mobile inventory app, visit or call (800) 737-1620.

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