Stihl Inc. unveils new “Real People Stihl People” campaign

Stihl Inc. recently launched “Real People Stihl People,” a multi-agency integrated marketing effort that highlights the shared values and common traits of Stihl customers and fans. The program celebrates and shares the strong connection people have with Stihl products and dealers.

Real People Stihl People features the stories of real Stihl fans – those who build, sell, and use Stihl products – and demonstrates how these tools make a meaningful impact on their lives. The campaign uses a comprehensive multi-platform approach, designed to engage fans and users and encourage them to share their own Stihl stories at and on social media with #RealStihl. Early results have been overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of fans adding their stories as the campaign has rolled out.

The program began in March with the launch of a dedicated website, a unique online application, social media promotion, and national advertising. In total, more than 40 different TV iterations will air and be supported with digital search and display, regional print customizations, radio, customized in-store material, dealer website integration and more.

“Real People Stihl People encompasses the most complex program in our history to find, collect, and share stories from our millions of Stihl fans,” said Jackson D’Armond, marketing communications manager for Stihl Inc. “Their stories have helped build the Stihl story, so we will feature many of them in Real Stihl national print, online and TV advertising, as well.”

Importing into America since the 1930s and manufacturing in America since 1974, Stihl has inspired a passionate and devoted following of enthusiasts.

“These people have remained brand loyal to Stihl over the years, and they have helped to make Stihl the number one selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America,” said D’Armond.

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