Exmark publishes propane mower white paper

Exmark has published a new propane mower white paper designed to help landscape maintenance professionals understand the considerations related to a move from gasoline to propane as a mower fuel, and make decisions that will offer the best potential for long-term cost savings.

Daryn Walters, Exmark’s director of marketing, said the Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper offers background on propane-fueled equipment, explores trends and economic factors in the marketplace, and details options that exist for landscape maintenance professionals making a switch to propane.

“In today’s marketplace, propane mowers just make sense,” Walters said. “As consumer preference for Green products and services increases, propane mowers are a high-profile way for landscape professionals to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Plus, today’s EFI-propane mowers reduce the cost of operation significantly when compared to carbureted gasoline models. The mowers become a competitive advantage.”

Propane-fueled mowers have been shown to produce significantly fewer greenhouse gasses (GHG) than gasoline-fueled models. This means turf maintenance professionals running on propane can keep working during the “Ozone Action Days” being enforced in a growing number of communities across the country.

Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane includes perspective from a wide variety of sources, including profiles of turf maintenance professionals using propane mowers today. It discusses the progression of propane engine technology, from the converted gasoline engines of yesterday, to the OEM-engineered commercial propane engines available today, which offer performance- and efficiency-enhancing technologies such as Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

The Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper is available for free download (Adobe PDF format) at Exmark.com/propanepower.


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