Classen introduces self-propelled overseeder

Classen, a Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. brand of turf care equipment, recently unveiled the all-new Classen HTS-20H hydro overseeder. This unit features a floating seed box that follows the contours of the terrain to precisely drop seed over 26 heat-treated blades that produce 13 rows of planted seed in a 20-inch swath. The precision of the seed drop and the close proximity of seed rows instantly thicken existing turf through double planting while filling in balding or thinning turf areas with carpet-like seed coverage. The result is thicker turf quicker that is more resistant to weeds and disease.

The Classen HTS-20H hydro overseeder features a 40-pound-capacity seed box that can either float for consistent seeding over bumpy and undulating terrain or lock in place at any of 10 depth settings for flat-area, hill and slope seeding. This full-on commercial overseeder couples the power of a 270-cc Honda GX270 engine with the smooth, infinitely variable power flow of a Hydro-Gear T2 transmission to produce an operating speed of up to 3-mph forward and 1.5 mph in reverse — making quick work of even the largest overseeding jobs. Heavy-duty 13-inch flotation turf tread tires provide surefooted traction while dispersing the 300-pound unit weight evenly to eliminate turf tearing and rutting. And, like all Classen equipment, operator comfort and ease of use is built in. Blade engagement and single-lever forward/reverse controls are located on the handles within easy reach. A seed dial with 10 settings provides precise seed flow, while a helpful seed drop flag (visible from the operator position) lets the operator know when seed is dropping and when it has stopped.   

Classen/Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.


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