OPE industry customer service pioneer announces his retirement

After 45 years with Servantage Dixie Sales (Dixie Sales Company) in Greensboro, N.C., Jim Starmer has decided to retire effective July 1, 2014.

Starmer joined Dixie Sales in 1969 and led the company through substantial growth, resulting in the organization’s dominant position in the Outdoor Power Equipment distribution industry. He pioneered the focus on customer service and the support of the company’s key manufacturing partners’ after-sales service requirements.

“While Jim may be retiring, he won’t be too far away,” said Harold Reiter, CEO of Servantage Dixie Sales. “Jim will be maintaining an office here in Greensboro and will be available for a chat and advice over a cup of coffee. Join me in wishing Jim all the best in his retirement and thanking him for his significant contribution to the organization and the industry over the years.”

Among his many contributions to the OPE industry, Starmer has served on the boards of many OPE industry associations and is the founder and long-time publisher of the Outdoor Power Equipment and Engine Service Association’s OPE-in-the-Know newsletter. He has served as a valuable member of OPE’s Editorial Advisory Board since October 1999 and as a contributing writer for the magazine. In addition, Starmer was named among the “Most Influential People in the Green Industry” by OPE and its Green Media sister publications in 2010.


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