DEWALT introduces rolling metal storage system

DEWALT recently announced the national launch of its new rolling Metal Storage system.

The two products include a 36-inch 6-drawer top chest (model DWMT73678) and a 36-inch 5-drawer roller cabinet (model DWMT73679). Combined, the top chest and roller cabinet deliver up to a 1,400-pound load capacity.

With these 2 new products, DEWALT is bringing its history of innovation and engineering excellence to reinvent the rolling Metal Storage product category.

After extensive end-user research, DEWALT has built the rolling metal storage system to feature auto-return closing drawers, 100-pound-capacity ball-bearing drawers, 200-pound capacity extra-deep bottom drawer, and fully extendable drawers.

The Metal Storage products are designed to be durable and tough, and offer a new level of convenience and lots of storage room. The pull-out drawers are deep and large enough to store and organize an array of large tools. The top lid design provides enough clearance to allow a DEWALT 20-volt drill to stand with the lid closed. Knockouts in the back of the top lid allow power cords to run inside for battery charging, with the lid closed and locked.

The drawers on the top chest and roller cabinet feature 100-pound auto-return drawer slides for heavy-duty storage capacity. Top and bottom keys are included for an internal locking mechanism with breakaway keys. Heavy-duty casters offer durability and easy movement.

The top chest provides 9,096 cubic inches of storage space with 10-3/8-inch-deep top that stores a variety of power tools and hand tools for easy access. Specially designed gas lid stays offer smooth opening and closing to the top lid, as well as hold the lid open.

The roller cabinet features 12,896 cubic inches of storage space. An extra-deep 12-inch bottom drawer offers additional storage with 200-pound capacity.

The 36-inch 6-drawer top chest retails for $249.99 and the 36-inch 5-drawer roller cabinet retails for $349.99 at Home Depot and independent retailers. Also available is a 52-inch 8-drawer top cabinet $599.99 and 9-drawer roller cabinet 699.99 at Canadian Tire, Home Depot online, and independent retailers.

Competing Metal Storage systems retail for more than $1,000 and do not include the patented DEWALT Metal Storage features of auto-return closing drawers, 100-pound capacity ball-bearing drawers, 200-pound capacity extra-deep bottom drawer, and fully extendable drawers.


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