Rotary Corporation launches new logo and brand identity for mower blades

Rotary Corporation recently announced the launch of a new logo and brand identity for its extensive line of mower blades manufactured at its state-of-the-art facility in Glennville, Ga.

The logo, anchored by an iconic image of a copperhead snake, conveys the power and force of Rotary blades, which are ISO certified for quality, durability and superior craftsmanship, as well as tested for maximum performance under extreme operating conditions.

Under the brand name of Copperhead Mower Blades, the logo will be featured on packaging, dealer signage and advertising, plus the company’s website ( and social media platforms.

“We started working on the research and branding project in 2013 through an in-depth analysis of the features and benefits of our mower blades, as well as the new technologies we now employ in the manufacturing process,” explained Chris Roessler, vice president and director of marketing and advertising at Rotary Corporation. “To bring the brand to life visually was our goal from the outset. It began by creating the iconic logo of the copperhead snake, which is indigenous to the region where our world headquarters is located. Our new brand identity will enable us to clarify and leverage the unique selling features of our extensive line of blades.”

With the brand refresh, strategic positioning and a new logo, Rotary’s Copperhead Mower Blades are crafted with the vision of the organization: a strong, well-positioned company that has earned an outstanding reputation for quality, value and service in the outdoor power equipment industry.

One hundred percent of all Rotary blades are manufactured in the USA, including commercial-strength and heavy-duty blades, commercial mulching blades, flat blades, high- and low-lift blades, edger blades and dethatcher blades.

Rotary, which produces more than 8.5-million lawn mower and edger blades annually, surpassed a corporate milestone earlier in 2014 with the production of its 200-millionth blade. On average, Rotary manufactures 1 blade every 4.5 seconds, and the company serves customers in all 50 states and 68 countries around the world.


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