Husqvarna unveils completely new line of snow throwers

Dealers and consumers seeking premier performance in driveway, sidewalk and parking lot snow removal can face this winter’s fury without fear. Husqvarna announced Sept. 30 the unveiling of an entirely new line of snow throwers for the North American market.

The brand-new Husqvarna 100-, 200- and 300-series snow throwers consist of 9 models that transform the marketplace through technological innovations, ergonomic advancements, and a wide range of features designed to take product performance and customer satisfaction to new levels. The new Husqvarna snow throwers replace all previous models.

The full line of snow products are now on display and available for purchase at Husqvarna dealers across the United States.

Husqvarna will display many of its new snow throwers and other products October 22-24 at the Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO), booth #9094, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.

“After working extensively with our consumers, we have delivered on what snow customers care about most: simplicity and reliability,” said Nick Schomer, global product manager, Husqvarna. “This new line of snow throwers includes features such as adjustable-height handle bars, infinitely variable-speed hydrostatic transmissions and cast-iron impellers on our premium dealer models. These machines make a difficult job easier.”

Each model includes a high-performing Husqvarna-brand engine, designed specifically for cold-weather use. The engine offers a quiet muffler system, manual idle-down throttle, oversized recoil handle to fit winter gloves, and other features to optimize performance and operator comfort. Along with quality and performance comes peace of mind; these snow throwers also feature an extensive “5&5” protection — a 5-year engine warranty and 5-year start guarantee.

Husqvarna snow thrower product lineup

Husqvarna ST 111 snow thrower: The 100-series line consists of 2 premium, single-stage snow throwers, offering easy starting, maneuverability and storage, along with rugged durability. They are designed for occasional removal of new snow in small areas and in tight spaces, like garage driveways and narrow sidewalks. Key features include:

* Ergonomic, height-adjustable, quick-release handle, which can fold for easy storage

* Heavy-duty rubber auger and a welded, 1-piece steel frame

* LED headlights, for easy operation in dark conditions (ST 151 only)

* Remote chute rotator (ST 151 only)

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $399.95 for the entry-level Husqvarna ST 111, and $599.95 for the Husqvarna ST 151.

Husqvarna ST 224 snow thrower: The 200-series line consists of 3 two-stage snow throwers, offering efficient, quiet clearing, and supreme performance due to friction-disc transmission, improved power steering, adjustable handles and a high throwing capacity. They are designed for medium-duty, occasional removal of new and old snow from large garage driveways and paths, on all types of surfaces. Key features include:

* Industry-first adjustable handle, with heated hand grips

* Ribbon auger, which improves the snow/air mixture, making snow removal easier and more efficient

* Surface-protecting plastic skid shoes, which are reversible and adjustable

* Friction-disc transmission for easy speed changes, depending on snow conditions

* Dual LED headlights

The MSRP is $799.95 for the Husqvarna ST 224, $999.95 for the Husqvarna ST 227P, and $1,099.95 for the Husqvarna ST 230P.

Husqvarna ST 324 snow thrower: The 300-series line consists of 4 premium, top-of-the-line, two-stage snow throwers for landowners needing high-capacity, robustness, durability and comfort in frequently clearing large areas in all snow conditions. Key features include:

* Hydrostatic transmission and power steering, for smooth, powerful operation

* Cast-iron impeller — an industry first — with 4 blades/shovels, for maximum durability in all conditions

* Cast-iron auger gearbox for maximum durability, featuring a 10-year warranty

* Higher-capacity bucket, impeller and ribbon for high-volume snow clearing

* Chute extensions and drift cutter bars

The MSRP is $1,399.95 for the Husqvarna ST 324P, $1,599.95 for the Husqvarna ST 327P, $1,799.95 for the Husqvarna ST 330P, and $2,499.95 for the Husqvarna ST 330T.

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