Briggs & Stratton Corporation selects ARI’s PartStream

ARI Network Services, Inc. announced on Nov. 18 that Briggs & Stratton Corporation has launched ARI’s PartStream illustrated parts lookup on its consumer-facing website at

“We strive to continue to improve the user experience on our website,” said Dave Cluka, director of customer experience at Briggs & Stratton Corporation. “We actively solicit and review user feedback, and in doing so, uncovered that our parts lookup could use improvement. We believe that PartStream can not only provide a better user experience, but also reduce the burden on our team to maintain the previous, custom-built parts lookup tool.”

The launch of PartStream builds upon a 15-year relationship with the manufacturer. Briggs & Stratton also uses ARI’s B2B electronic parts lookup application, PartSmart Web, as well as ARI’s data publishing tool, PartSmart Data Manager. In addition, ARI provides Briggs & Stratton’s dealer network with access to parts catalogs for the manufacturer’s complete brand portfolio through PartSmart, ARI’s award-winning electronic parts lookup tool.

“We welcome the opportunity to extend our relationship with Briggs & Stratton to provide consumers with a better online parts lookup experience,” said Roy W. Olivier, president and CEO of ARI. “Identifying and ordering the right part online can be frustrating, even for the most technically-savvy consumer. We’re confident that PartStream will reduce frustration, improve customer satisfaction, and drive more online parts sales.”

PartStream, ARI’s illustrated parts lookup solution, can easily be added to any existing website to fuel eCommerce sales. Part numbers and descriptions are automatically indexed for search engine optimization, making it easy for buyers to find and purchase parts online.


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