Briggs & Stratton’s new Vanguard 810-cc EFI engine line

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power recently introduced its Vanguard 810-cc EFI engine series, which combines the increased fuel efficiency of a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system with the increased capability of an 810-cc engine.

Add it together and the Vanguard 810-cc EFI engine gives landscape contractors an optimum level of power and fuel efficiency for commercial zero-turn-radius (ZTR) mowers.

“Landscape contractors expect two things out of their ZTR engines: peak performance and fuel economy,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “The Vanguard 810-cc EFI engine exceeds at both by offering better fuel efficiency and operating at the 810-cc displacement sweet spot that research shows is best to maximize productivity.”

Available in 24, 26 or 28 gross horsepower, the Vanguard EFI engines have an automotive-based closed-loop EFI system for up to 25-percent better fuel economy compared to the already-efficient 810-cc Vanguard carbureted engine. EFI engines use less fuel than carbureted engines because fuel in an EFI system is delivered precisely where and when it is needed, so fuel flow is less under certain conditions.

The engines also have 810 cc of displacement for higher torque to take on the heavy workloads common in commercial settings. This meets a growing landscape industry demand for higher-displacement engines and higher-productivity mowers.

In addition to power, other features were designed to ensure the engine runs cool, clean and quiet. Its debris chopper fan provides up to 30-degree-cooler engine temperatures, while the high-flow blower housing offers more than 30-percent-larger intake surface area than the next closest competitor.

Additionally, the Vanguard 810-cc EFI engines offer unique diagnostic features to arm fleet or dealer technicians with an abundance of information to eliminate downtime and optimize engine performance. Three diagnostics options will enable easy identification of issues in the field, and provide technicians unmatched ability to test, update, save, and share engine data. These include in-field blink codes, supported by Vanguard’s exclusive Power Code; a Tiny Scan reader, which can be plugged into the service port to display error codes; and a cable connecting the ECU to a computer for a deeper dive into engine data.

The 810-cc EFI engines will be produced at the Vanguard Certified Production Center located in Briggs & Stratton’s Auburn, Ala., plant. The engines will be hand-assembled exclusively by certified Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technicians.

Unlike most other engines, the Vanguard 810-cc EFI engines are almost exclusively assembled using Direct Current (DC) electric hand tools in lieu of more-common air tools. This technology allows technicians to program the fastening process, which results in superior quality control, and allows plant engineers the ability to track assembly parameters to create a “DNA” for each individual engine.

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