Stens 2015 catalog

In honor of the customers who have contributed to its success over the past 45 years, Stens announced that 2015 will not only be the Stens “Year of the Customer,” but it also dedicated its 2015 catalog to its customers.

The Stens 2015 catalog features many pictures, comments and testimonials from the company’s customers, as well as pictures of Stens employees — all of whom have helped Stens reach this milestone. The catalog also contains several additions to Stens product lineup, including expanded offerings of cylinders and spindles, new True Blue fuel line, new maintenance kits, expanded industrial/rental parts, additional mower blades, new belts for unique and hard-to-find sizes, new Stens Cart & Course-branded golf cart accessories, and much more.

For more information or to request a catalog, call the Stens customer service team at
(800) 457-7444 or visit


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