Husqvarna PZ and P-ZT mowers with EFI engines

Husqvarna is introducing 2 new electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines on select models of its PZ and P-ZT professional zero-turn mowers, giving users options that can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent or more, while substantially improving performance and reliability. The Vanguard 810-cc EFI engine features a closed-loop system that constantly adjusts the fuel mixture to optimize power, improve throttle response, and conserve fuel. It is available on the P-ZT 60 model. The Kohler 824-cc Command Pro EFI has a revolutionary manifold design, closed-loop fuel injection and a unique dual spark plug configuration for superior performance, torque and fuel economy. It is available on the PZ 54, PZ 60 and PZ 72 models.


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