Ecolawn’s new ECO 150 compost spreader

Ecolawn’s new ECO 150 compost spreader takes compost topdressing to a whole new level of easiness, maneuverability, and efficiency. Ecolawn’s new-generation applicator is a self-propelled, forward-broadcast, compost spreader. At 34 inches wide, the ECO 150 is designed for tight places where other applicators find it problematic, but it will also do larger spaces with ease. Other impressive features are the new conveyor belt, which is 2 full inches wider; a 6.5-hp. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, which offers a 3-year warranty; convenient lightweight (290 pounds); and ergonomically redesigned controls for ease and comfort while operating. Lastly, this spreader boasts an all-new and improved polyurethane hopper (11.5 cubic foot/.333 cubic meter) designed to eliminate bridging. The ECO 150 compost spreader is available at a cost-effective price. For more information or to request a free demo, call (802) 673-9077.


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