Husqvarna Group opens concept store

On January 17, the Husqvarna Group opened its first concept store, located in Barkarby Retail Park, north of Stockholm, Sweden.

“The concept store will give customers a unique brand experience and allows us to collect customer insights, test new shop concepts, and train dealers and retailers,” said Kai Wärn, president and CEO of Husqvarna Group. “The concept store is an opportunity to interact with end customers directly and pilot new shop concepts, enabling us to become an even better business partner to our dealers.”

Customers will be offered to experience and purchase a wide range of Husqvarna and Gardena products and solutions. “Our ambition is that the store will be a meeting and competence center for dealers and their staff, as we will arrange meetings, product trainings and shop development,” said Pavel Hajman, president of the Husqvarna Division. “We hope it will become a forum for our dealers when they want to learn more about our products.”

Sofia Axelsson, SVP, global brands & marketing, added: “The way our customers shop is developing and changing at an increasing speed, and we need to constantly optimize our in-store experience concepts to meet our customers’ needs. Our concept store will allow us to evaluate new communication and store concepts before introducing them to our dealers.”

The Husqvarna Group has a dealer network of approximately 25.000 dealers around the world.


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