New Classen pro sod cutter maximizes productivity and versatility

Classen, a Schiller Grounds Care brand of commercial and residential turf care equipment, unveiled the Classen HSC18 pro sod cutter February 23 during The Rental Show in New Orleans.

The HSC18 is designed for top-of-the-line transport and cutting speeds, easy operations, and maximum versatility for any application ranging from repositioning or relocating sod at a home, business or golf course to expanding landscaping areas.

“Our sod cutter remains faithful to our mission of providing seriously simple turf care equipment,” said Matt Classen, Classen product manager. “They are seriously simple to operate, simple to maintain, and are designed for maximum maneuverability and versatility.”

The sod cutter comes in 2 size options — 52 or 55 inches long — making it the shortest sod cutter in the industry. It is also easy to handle due to its compact length and integrated, rear-swivel wheel, which ensures ease of turning and can be secured in place for straight-line cutting. This allows the operator to make quick work of cutting sod in tight areas.

The Classen HSC18 pro sod cutter is one of the fastest models on the market due to its hydrostatic transmission and powerful engine options. The Hydro-Gear T2 hydrostatic-drive transmission ensures smooth, consistent power flow, and its power reverse assists in efficient transportation. The pro sod cutter has 2 engine options — a 5-hp. Honda GX160 engine or an 8-hp. Honda GX240. The transmission and engine allow the operator to achieve transport speeds as high as 4.7 mph — 35-percent faster than competitive models. Coupled with the powerful cutting blade located at the center of the machine, the sod cutter is both fast and extremely efficient at producing sod mats that are easily rolled up after the cutting process is complete.

The cutting blade is centered on the bottom of the machine and ensures consistent cutting depth. The blade cuts 20 strokes per second and yields clean, smooth results in half the time of competitive models. In addition, the cutting depth can be adjusted down to 2-1/2 inches. The pro sod cutter comes standard with an 18-inch cutting blade. Optional blade sizes are available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-inch length sizes, which supplement the unit’s versatility and efficiency. And the blade is easily replaced, which contributes to minimal downtime.

Its vibration-dampening system and knobby wheels also enhance the operator’s productivity. The vibration-dampening system minimizes engine and blade vibrations, which assists in productivity on large sod-cutting projects. And the knobby tread on the drive wheels ensures maximum traction by eliminating dirt buildup on the wheels, creating continuous cutting.

The HSC18 is simple and safe to operate. The user-friendly controls feature an integrated throttle/clutch control on the handle, which contributes to easy operation. When the throttle is released, the machine stops and its engine goes idle. This feature ensures safe operation, since the sod cutter will not continue to move forward if an operator lets go of the controls.

The Classen HSC18 pro sod cutter is backed by a 2-year commercial and rental warranty. For more information, visit


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