Ecolawn’s ECO 200 Golf

The ECO 200 Golf was specifically developed to topdress golf greens and tees. This self-propelled, dual-spinner topdresser features large turf tires that eliminate the potential for rutting, while its wide spread pattern lets operators get the job done quickly. The ECO 200 Golf will shorten downtime on greens, making clientele happier. From the front operator position, the operator is in complete control and will never drive over newly topdressed greens. The clever design of the divided hopper and the weight protector prevent this machine’s conveyor belt from getting bogged down by the excessive weight encountered with sand topdressing. And with no hydraulics, the operator will never have to worry about leak damage. Low cost, efficient and effective, the ECO 200 Golf makes the operator, as well as the greens and tees look good. For free information or to set up a free demo, call (802) 673-9077.


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