Gold Eagle expands STA-BIL 360 performance technology

Gold Eagle Co., makers of the STA-BIL brand of fuel stabilizers and ethanol treatments, announced April 20 that the company is revolutionizing and expanding its successful STA-BIL 360° product line. The new STA-BIL lineup will incorporate its unique 360° technology across many of its products for automotive, boating and small engines. The streamlined portfolio now offers the industry’s latest technology featuring 5-in-1 engine performance-boosting benefits, while providing customers the same STA-BIL fuel stabilization and protection they have known and trusted for decades.

“Our new STA-BIL 360° lineup continues to build on STA-BIL’s strong brand reputation and category leadership to deliver unique and innovative products that are changing the fuel and oil additives marketplace,” said Marc Blackman, CEO of Gold Eagle Co. “By bringing our proprietary 360° technology and product advancements to consumers at a great price, we’re proud to help our customers protect, preserve, and garner ultimate performance out of the things they love.”

The new STA-BIL 360° line is designed to support consumers seeking ultimate performance in the automotive, boating, powersports and small-engine categories. STA-BIL scientists developed these innovative products to help restore power, maximize fuel economy, prevent ethanol damage, clean the fuel system, and provide a smooth idle. STA-BIL 360° Marine offers all of these benefits and provides better water removal for marine engines. The proprietary 360° technology also prevents corrosion above the fuel line by releasing a vapor that coats all metal parts of the fuel system, including the fuel tank, fuel sending unit, valves, carburetor and fuel injectors with a microscopically thin corrosion-preventing shield. And of course, like all STA-BIL brand products, the enhanced formulas stabilize fuel for up to 1 year. STA-BIL 360° products are safe and recommended for use in all types of gasoline and are recommended for use at every fill-up for ultimate year-round protection. The new performance lineup includes:

* STA-BIL 360° Performance is a highly effective fuel treatment for cars and trucks and can be purchased in 4-, 8-, 10- and 32-ounce bottles.

* STA-BIL 360° Performance Small Engine Formula is ideal for use in small engines, including lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, generators and more, and it comes in 4-ounce bottles.

* STA-BIL 360° Performance Powersports Formula is designed for the challenges that hard-working motorcycles, ATVs and snow mobiles face and is available in convenient single-use 4-ounce bottles.

* STA-BIL 360° Marine is ideal for all boating and marine engine equipment like wave runners, ski boats and more and comes in 8-, 10-, 16-, 32-ounce bottles, as well as a 1-gallon bottle.

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