Powerhouse PH4000Ri/E inverter generator with EFI

Being off the grid doesn’t mean you have to be powerless with the Powerhouse PH4000Ri/E inverter generator. Whether your customers are camping, working or facing a natural disaster, the reliable portable power of the PH4000Ri/E with electronic fuel injection (EFI) goes wherever they go to deliver the power they need.

The PH4000 puts out 4,000 watts of clean power, which is enough to run a 15,000-BTU air conditioner, lights, fridge and a coffeemaker, or several power tools all at the same time.

The PH4000Ri/E is the first Powerhouse portable generator with EFI, which gives it a number of very useful advantages including excellent cold-weather starting and hot restarts. EFI produces excellent horsepower and improves performance at high altitude. Other EFI advantages of the PH4000 include a self-priming fuel system, exceptional fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

The PH4000 has an electric starter with a large battery, which also eases cold-weather starting. The included remote control starts or stops the generator from up to 75 feet away.

Powerhouse inverter technology delivers clean, clear power that won’t damage sensitive electronics like laptops, flat-screen TVs and game consoles. An onboard digital screen displays voltage, amperage, wattage, fuel level and information from the self-contained diagnostic system. Quiet enough to meet National Park Service guidelines for campground use, the PH4000 also meets the most stringent air-quality standards throughout North America with CARB, EPA and CSA certifications.

The PH4000 features telescoping wheelbarrow-style handles and pneumatic tires for easier handling and smooth movement even on rough terrain.

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