Rotary Corporation offers blade sharpeners and grinders for 2015

Rotary offers a variety of blade sharpeners and grinders for all types of mulching or standard mower blades, including Wall and Neary models, as well as an array of ruby and grinding stones, blade balancers and supplies. Among the featured items for 2015 is the Wall RBG 712 Sharpener/Grinder, which restores blades to a factory-flat edge using a preset blade guide to maintain the proper angles for ideal cutting and edge life. By replacing traditional grinding wheels, it reduces work time while eliminating grinding wheel dust and wheel dressing. The unique design is suited for any length of cutting edge required for both standard right-hand and reverse left-hand rotation flat blades. An optional grit collector keeps the shop cleaner and safer during blade sharpening.

Backed by an exclusive warranty that ensures quality and performance, Rotary offers a wide range of parts for all types of outdoor power equipment, including lawn mowers, trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, snow blowers, garden tillers and more. Rotary’s 2015 catalog is free for servicing dealers and distributors. For more details, visit


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