Stihl unveils new professional hedge trimmers ideal for pruning and trimming

Stihl’s new HS 82 and HS 87 top-of-the-line, 22.7-cc hedge trimmers provide precise and tough cutting for professional performance. Compared to its predecessors, the HS 81 and HS 86, respectively, both are lighter, have increased blade speed, and are powered by an advanced low-emission engine that is 20 percent more fuel efficient.

Several features make these hedge trimmers an ideal choice for any landscape professional. The fuel-efficient engine uses 20 percent less fuel than the previous models, which allows for longer run times and reduced costs. Their lightweight, well-balanced design allows for longer work hours with reduced fatigue, as well as easy maneuverability around large shrubs or hard-to-reach spaces. Low-vibration technology and a swivel handle provide improved comfort compared to the previous models. A convenient multi-function control handle makes the trimmers easy to start and stop, and all of the throttle controls are in one central location. The HS 82 has a double-sided, durable blade designed for sweeping, back-and-forth cuts, and the HS 87 has a single-sided blade that is better for straight cutting. Both come in 2 versions to suit a variety of landscapers’ cutting needs. MSRP starts at $499.95.

“The HS 82 T and HS 87 T are ideal for trimming and contouring hedges and bushes,” said Stephen Meriam, Stihl director of sales. “The high stroke rate, reduced tooth height and narrow tooth spacing guarantee an extremely precise, clean cut. The HS 82 R and 87 R versions have a low stroke rate, more cutting power, greater tooth height and wider tooth space for bigger jobs like pruning overgrown hedges or clearing vegetation.”

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