Ecolawn ECO 75 top dresser

Ecolawn Applicator recently introduced the ECO 75, which is a Walker Mower top dresser attachment. This zero-turn Walker Mower attachment is a unique broadcast spreader. The ECO 75’s controls and levers are integrated with the Walker Mower for comfort, control and accessibility, allowing for quick and easy, on-the-go adjustments. The newly designed, 11-cubic-foot-capacity, polythene hopper eliminates material bridging with smooth, steep sides, and its live conveyor system and agitator maintain steady material flow for consistent, even, 180-degree spreading. Ecolawn’s dual reverse spinner mechanism is PTO driven, giving application thickness control to the operator’s ground speed — this feature is unique to this model. Spreading width is 4 to 14 feet. Product applications include screened compost, pulverized soils, most pelletized products, calcite clay, crumb rubber, lime and all grades of sand, as well as unlimited blends of all of these products. To learn more about the ECO 75, go to


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