Ferris Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS) Z2

The new Ferris Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS) Z2 boasts a patent-pending adjustable operator platform, featuring suspension technology, optimizing operator comfort, and increasing productivity. The mower’s superb balance provides stability and maneuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling, whether on slopes or on flat terrain. The SRS is designed to allow for quick operator exit and re-entry. If the operator needs to walk away from the mower to move an obstacle or pick up debris, the PTO will automatically disengage when the operator leaves the platform. Restarting the blades is just as easy. When the operator steps back onto the platform and re-engages the PTO switch, he or she can continue mowing. Benefits of this compact mower include full turnaround on open and enclosed trailers for easy loading and unloading; minimal space required for transport and storage; and excellent maneuverability on tight properties. Other features include:

* Vanguard 810 EFI or Kawasaki FX801V engine

* Dual commercial Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transaxles with 7-inch cooling fans

* Easy-locking, 3-position, speed-control setting

* iCD cutting system with striping kit

* 52- or 61-inch, fabricated-steel mowing deck

* Hand-operated height-of-cut adjusts in 1/4-inch increments from 1.75 to 5 inches

* Ergonomic control panel with integrated forward and reverse lever with stabilizer bar

* Large 23-inch drive tires and 13-inch, flat-free caster tires

* Ground speed up to 10 mph


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