ASPEN by Charter Software receives official integration certifications from AGCO

Charter Software’s flagship business management system, ASPEN, was recently certified on two additional interfaces with AGCO Corporation. The first certification relates to parts ordering integration between AGCO Solutions Online and ASPEN, and the second certification relates to the reporting of Canadian taxes through Charter’s already-certified AGCO+ Plus revolving credit integration.

“This comes as no surprise to the Charter Software team, as the original design and implementation for integration with parts ordering for AGCO Solutions Online was part of ASPEN during its original design,” said Kendall Edwards, lead business analyst at Charter Software. “Acquiring certification with AGCO Solutions Online for all parts order types didn’t require changing a single stitch of code. This code foundation has been in use for years. After all, we’ve been working smoothly with AGCO for eons. From day one, the ASPEN system was designed to integrate seamlessly with the top manufacturers in the world, AGCO being one of them.”

Charter Software customers in Canada also have the benefit of additional certification received for reporting the breakout of Canadian taxes as part of the AGCO Plus+ revolving credit integration. This integration allows the dealership’s customers to see the breakout of taxes on the statement they receive from AGCO.

“Here’s to the continued mutual success of AGCO dealers and Charter Software,” said Anne Salemo, president and CEO of Charter Software.


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