Briggs and Stratton Corporation improves customer support tool

Ensuring its customers have a positive ownership experience continues to dominate the forefront of Briggs & Stratton’s business strategy. As a result, Briggs & Stratton is constantly improving its efforts to assist customers, whether in research and development by creating more groundbreaking and user-driven products, or by making information more easily accessible and readily available for users.

To ensure a great user experience, Briggs & Stratton has done extensive research on how to best assist the variety of questions and types of support its customers prefer. Based on website analytics and satisfaction survey feedback, Briggs & Stratton found there was an opportunity to increase the users experience satisfaction by consolidating the 450-plus frequently asked questions (FAQs) to 40 FAQs of high interest.

“Based on our Voice of Customer data, we know our customers’ support preferences,” said Dave Cluka, director of customer experience at Briggs & Stratton. “Our customers’ expectations for support interactions are changing. Online self-service is now the primary way our customers want to interact with us for support. Based on this data, we have consolidated our FAQ section and aligned our resources to accommodate the changes in customer preference.”

Along with the revamped content, improvements were made to the layout of the FAQ articles. The updated layout offers alternative self-servicing options — such as videos, a user community to ask experts questions, and how-to articles — since Briggs & Stratton knows self-servicing is a preference for obtaining support. The updated article layout also provides information on maintenance parts related to the FAQ topic.

While Briggs & Stratton knows self-servicing is a preference for obtaining support, its still offers traditional forms of assistance. For customers who prefer a more interactive approach or have multiple questions, Briggs & Stratton offers phone, e-mail, and live chat with representatives. And for those who need assistance with their maintenance requirements, the dealer locator can help find one of the 12,000 North American Briggs & Stratton certified dealers in their area.

To ensure all of its customers have a positive ownership experience, which includes making high-quality engines and products, Briggs & Stratton listens to what customers have to say about its products and services. From a robust Answer Center that troubleshoots all day long, to gathering user feedback through ratings and reviews, to providing assistance and resources to answer maintenance and operating questions, Briggs & Stratton is proud of the connection it has with its customers.


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