Water Cannon introduces tank-fed electric pressure washer

Water Cannon recently unveiled a new portable, 115-volt, electric-powered, tank-fed pressure washer that is ideal for restricted-access cleaning jobs where power but no water is available. Water Cannon has mounted the water source onboard the unit as a 25-gallon tank on top of the roll cage surrounding the pump and motor of the 2-wheeled machine, which is capable of putting out a whopping 3.0 gallons per minute at 1,000-psi max pressure. This unit is easy to store in a maintenance room for use in hospitals, schools, businesses, restaurants or any place where convenience and power are needed for quick cleanups. Other possible applications include AC coil cleaning on rooftops or basements, as well as quick cleanups around restaurants or businesses. Add a pulse valve, and it becomes an indoor portable self-contained jetter package for cleaning out clogged drains. For more information on this pressure washer (product ID 14M10), including complete specifications, volume discounts and delivery pricing, visit watercannon.com or call (800) 333-9274 to speak to an industry-trained professional.


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