Clear View inflatable snow cab

Traditional snow cabs need to be assembled for snow season and then disassembled when it comes to storing them after snow season is over. However, with the new Clear View inflatable snow cab from IMAC Attachments, Inc., makers of the Slush Plow, no assembly or disassembly is required. Designed for all large-frame 2-stage snow blowers, the Clear View inflatable snow cab comes with a heavy-duty foot pump, which inflates the cab in no time and stays inflated for weeks. When it’s time for storage, the Clear View inflatable snow cab deflates in seconds and fits in the storage bag that comes with the cab, so there are no lost parts. The Clear View inflatable snow cab will withstand winds in excess of 100 mph and temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. Heavy-duty vinyl tubing, which is protected by zippered cloth sleeves, won’t crack. If the cab is punctured, it may be easily repaired with PVC tape. For more information, call IMAC Attachments at (855) 245-PLOW (7569) or visit


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