New Kawasaki EFI system now on first FX Series engine

Kawasaki’s new FX730V-EFI engine boasts the most technologically advanced electronic fuel injection (EFI) system ever built by the company. It incorporates a fully integrated electronic governor and an advanced ECU that instantly matches power to cutting load and ground speed. These new features will allow professional landscapers to mow lawns more efficiently with the same Kawasaki performance and reliability they have come to expect.

The all-new Kawasaki EFI will be available on select models of FX Series and FS Series engines, with plans to incorporate it in additional models.

Commercial usage calls for specific demands, and this system responds with features focused on those needs. Helping to avoid typical hillside-mowing slowdowns, the load-matching e-governor keeps drive wheels and cutting blades working at peak productivity. The elimination of power loss through the entire load range lets operators move quickly through almost any turf conditions. Kawasaki’s renowned cutting power allows users to cover wider areas at a faster pace, serving up uniform results.

Designed to provide the utmost in support to professional landscapers, this 25.5-hp. EFI powerplant is a feature-laden entry in Kawasaki’s already-strong family of engines.

Among some of the design and operational highlights:

* Multi-port sequential fuel injection for high-precision fuel delivery, maximizing power per stroke and fuel economy

* High-pressure “returnless” fuel system offers consistent fuel delivery and smooth operation in high temperature situations

* An ECU that continuously monitors ambient conditions and engine performance, delivering optimum power and efficiency in all situations, regardless of weather conditions

* No need for cold-start choke, automatic enrichment to ensure fast, dependable starts in any type of weather — cold or hot, wet or dry

* Engine temperature monitoring guards against overheating while protecting the landscapers’ investment

* Optimum blade tip speed — critical to reducing the need for re-cuts — is aided via the system’s power/load matching, helping make for a clean cut on the first go-around.

The open-loop design is at the core of this system’s reliability for tough commercial use. Furthering Kawasaki’s approach to simplifying the job for commercial applications, the all-new EFI is matched by a PC or tablet plug-in diagnostic system for quick, easy troubleshooting, accurate service, and minimized downtime. Kawasaki has even maintained the same footprint as its carbureted engine models, so upgrading to EFI is clean and easy.

Similar to all Kawasaki engines, the FX730V-EFI features the company’s exclusive SAE-certified Critical Power, ensuring that engines deliver a minimum of 98 percent of rated horsepower for the needed productivity commercial users can count on.

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