Charter charity making a difference

In October 2015, Charter Software Inc. established a Charter4Charity initiative as an effort to raise money for charity at every trade show that the Littleton, Colo.-based company attends.

Rather than giving away a television to attract visitors to its booth, Charter felt that the opportunity to join its cause to help people flourish would be more powerful. For every visitor to Charter’s booths at trade shows this year, it is giving $1 to charity. For every visitor that schedules a demonstration of Charter’s ASPEN software, it is giving $100 to charity.

After launching the Charter4Charity initiative at Kubota’s annual dealer meeting in Atlanta in October, Charter generated $1,719 for the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Charter4Charity rolled onward and raised $624 at Mahindra’s national dealer meeting in Kansas City for the EDF Disaster Relief Fund, an Equipment Dealers Association-endorsed charity that helps employees of dealerships that have suffered from a natural disaster.

The initial goals for Charter’s Charter4Charity mission were simple: Help people flourish at every opportunity. Turning a trade show into a donation-generating machine fit nicely. However, this is only the beginning. Charter will continue the Charter4Charity initiative at trade shows through this winter and beyond.

“I hope to see more people join the movement and consider philanthropy as part of their organization’s overall effort,” said Anne Salemo, CEO of Charter Software.

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