Stihl unveils next-generation top-handle arborist chain saw

Designed for professional arborists, the Stihl MS 201 T C-M is the first top-handle saw equipped with Stihl M-Tronic technology. This intelligent engine management system results in a reliable and fuel-efficient machine that performs optimally in a variety of conditions.

“The microprocessor-controlled engine management system automatically adapts to changes in environment such as altitude and temperature,” said Kent Hall, Stihl Inc. senior product manager. “Whether at the top of a 60-foot oak tree or pruning the lower limbs of a pine, this saw will provide the same level of quality performance.”

Several additional features make the MS 201 T C-M an ideal choice for tree service professionals:

* Excellent power-to-weight ratio — 35.2-cc engine and low weight (8.16 pounds) — allows for optimal maneuverability and performance

* Highly efficient, low-emission engine means arborists will save money on gasoline costs and won’t have to climb down as often to refuel

* Low-vibration, ergonomic design delivers balanced operation, allowing users to work longer with less fatigue

* Top handle with comfortable gripping points for controlled cuts around limbs and branches

* The translucent tank lets the arborist easily see when fuel levels are low, and the toolless fuel and oil filter caps make refueling and oil changes a breeze.

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