Corona Sharp Shooters

The weight, narrow blade and long handle of Corona’s Sharp Shooter shovel helps to drive the tool into the ground, which aids in breaking through even the hardest of soils. The Sharp Shooter’s blade is angled for cutting or shaping holes, spading, planting and prying. Featuring a heavy-duty, 12-gauge, sharpened steel blade (14-1/2 inches tall by 5-1/2 inches wide), the Sharp Shooter fights dirt buildup, and gains strength with a closed-blade design. Thick, powder-coated handles made from steel provide strength and performance, while red touch points make the Sharp Shooter easier to find in the field. Designed for the professional who needs maximum digging and prying power, the Sharp Shooter is available in 78-inch long-handle (AS 90100) and 29-inch D-handle (AS 90110) models. Specs of both models are as follows:

1602_OPE_PN_Corona Clipper1-Corona Sharp Shooter AS 90100-webAS 90100 all-steel Sharp Shooter

* Steel handle with non-slip vinyl sleeve improves gripping performance, shock absorption at impact and some insulation from elements (hot or cold temperatures)

* Overall length – 78 inches

* Handle is 63-1/2 inches from flange

* Clear 3/16-inch vinyl sleeve around the handle is about 55-1/2 inches long

* Solid-steel metal end cap for tamping


1602_OPE_PN_Corona Clipper2-Corona Sharp Shooter AS 90110-webAS 90110 all-steel Sharp Shooter

* 29-inch welded-steel D-handle for maximum pulling power

* Overall length: 42-1/2 inches

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