DripClip, LLC, a Memphis, Tenn.-based company specializing in engine-fluid dipstick-wiping products, recently introduced the patented DripClip. Addressing the problem of what to use to check fluid levels for outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers and tractors (small or large), as well as trucks and cars, the DripClip’s highly absorbent dual pads can hold up to 1,000 wipes. Eliminating the need to search for rags or paper towels, the DripClip is designed to always be within easy reach. Using a high-tension steel spring or the strong embedded magnet, the DripClip attaches virtually anywhere — lawnmower handles, tool boxes, oil filler tubes, hoses or rods — and is always in sight. And, using the DripClip for regular fluid checks can prevent costly engine damage. Available in 6 colors (red, black, blue, silver, yellow and green), the DripClip presents an eye-catching presence on its display card or in its colorful counter display. Made of high-impact ABS, the DripClip comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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