Water Cannon 15M71 industrial 6,000-psi electric pressure washer

The Water Cannon 15M71 industrial 6,000-psi electric-powered pressure washer is a portable, indoor-safe unit built for around-the-clock applications.

The 15M71 boasts a 20-hp., 460-volt, 3-phase, heavy-duty motor with an auto-start/stop feature that powers a TSP Series general triplex plunger pump (4.5 gpm and 6,000 psi) using a long-lasting poly chain-drive system. The machine comes standard with a high-pressure 50-foot hose, a gun-wand kit and 10,000-psi-rated safety couplers. A 12-foot power cord is included with no plug, so the machine can either be hard wired, or a plug can be used for multiple locations. The auto-start/stop system for remote operation will automatically stop and start the powerful American-made motor. A premium inlet water filter and remotely plumbed bypass unloader system are mounted to the frame for durability and ease of operation.

All units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate. For more information, visit watercannon.com or call an industry-veteran trained expert at (800) 333-9274.


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