BOB-CAT improves top-line mowers with significant updates

BOB-CAT, a Johnson Creek, Wis.-based manufacturer of commercial-quality turf mowers, recently announced several updates to its premier commercial zero-turn mowers, the Predator-Pro and ProCat.

Both models feature new terrain-gripping Zero-T drive tires as a part of an exclusive 2-year partnership with OTR Wheel Engineering. These tires bring improved grip, puncture resistance, tight turning with minimal turf damage, and self cleaning to both the Predator-Pro and ProCat. Keeping a focus on a high quality of cut, BOB-CAT also made improvements to the cutting deck on the 2 mowers. The newly modified double-wave baffle system enhances cut quality, as does the new, longer 61-inch DuraDeck cutting deck. On both models, a re-engineered discharge chute design fans out clippings, leaving the grass with a clean finish. The Predator-Pro and ProCat also now have a new trim side deck guard to protect the deck from damage. Finally, the Predator-Pro also includes new rounded, no-flat, caster wheels, allowing for better handling and maneuverability.

“We feel that the Predator-Pro and ProCat are industry benchmarks,” said BOB-CAT Brand Director Matt Donohue. “We’re committed to making these machines the best they can be, and we know that lawn care professionals will be pleased with our improvements. That’s what matters most.”

In addition to these new features, BOB-CAT supports the Predator-Pro and ProCat with 6-year/2,750-hour “Mow with Confidence” limited warranties.


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