Toro launches marketing automation platform

SproutLoud, a through-channel marketing automation company that delivers platforms to a who’s who list of global brands, announced on March 8 the official launch of The Toro Company’s custom marketing platform. Toro’s new platform features an advanced Digital Asset Manager (DAM) and Ad Builder technology, which streamline the way each of Toro’s dealers and distributors implements local advertising — while maintaining proprietary creative and content management conventions.

SproutLoud’s development process accommodated every requirement into the user-friendly distributed marketing platform. Each dealer and distributor can seamlessly create co-branded ad campaigns, harnessing the power of hyper-local targeting to engage Toro’s customers in every region where they live, work, and use Toro’s equipment. Among the features is the ability to group assets into folders and then differentiate each asset using SproutLoud’s multi-asset tagging tools for product categories, advertising tactics, collateral types, and promotional offers. Every user at every level has a more direct pathway to locating the exact items needed, saving time and easing frustrations for the dealers and ensuring brand compliance.

In a business that is driven by seasonal changes in a variety of geographical regions, on-demand acquisition of time-sensitive marketing assets optimizes efficiency for both the brand and every local channel partner. The straight-forward, technologically advanced marketing automation platform aligns with Toro’s 100-plus years of brand identity that is based on rugged performance and innovation that serves a loyal and growing customer base.

“We respect the longevity of Toro’s brand,” said Gary Ritkes, president of SproutLoud. “We’re proud to be a part of their continued success as they adopt our next-generation technologies for through-channel marketing automation solutions that empower their local channel partners.”


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