Top Toro rental representatives earn incentive trip

Toro announced the winners of its 2015 incentive trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to recognize the accomplishments of its top rental representatives. Eighteen recipients were chosen based on sales, service levels and other measures.

The recipients were as follows: Clyde Arceneaux of Cavalier Industries, Billie Carlyle of Essex Silver Line West, Adam Conover of Thomas Sales, Leo Degenstein of L.L. Johnson Distributing Company, Clark Fossand of MJ Miller Combined Companies, Tyler Gullivan of Gullivan Sales Inc., Steve Hammond of MJ Miller Combined Companies, Rob Herrington of Essex Silver Line West, Kevin Marchin of M&M Sales, Chris Morgan of Lew Hudson Sales, Tom Nestor of T Nestor Sales and Service LLC, David Peve of MJ Miller Combined Companies, Ken Pinkham of Summit Sales, Joe Scheetz of Prairie Star Equipment, Brian Speed of Lew Hudson Sales, Scott Swisher of Marketing Concepts Inc., Tom Reece of Lew Hudson Sales, and Mike Rushing of Lew Hudson Sales.

“These 18 individuals represent the best of Toro’s rental representatives,” said Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager for Toro. “They are an influential force and continue to enhance Toro’s position within the rental industry. We’re happy to recognize the effort of these representatives that have given so much time and effort to supporting the Toro brand. This is a well-deserved award for their dedication.”


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