Toro introduces turf renovation trade-in program

lc14_3035s_33518_stand-on_aerator_loc_f_42Toro recently introduced the Turf Renovation Trade-In Program, offering rental stores the opportunity to update their inventory of turf equipment. In the program, rental customers will receive $500 per unit for trade-ins of competitive turf renovation equipment. This stipend will then be good toward the purchase of Toro turf renovation products. To participate, a minimum of four turf renovation trade-in units are required.

Toro equipment eligible for purchase under the trade-in program include the 20-inch hydraulic slit seeder, 18-inch mechanical seeder, 21-inch hydraulic aerator, 18-inch mechanical aerator, 30-inch stand-on aerator, 36-inch walk-behind rotary broom and the SGR-13 stump grinder.

Non-Toro products that qualify for trade-in include hydraulic and mechanical seeders, power rakes, aerators and power brooms. A purchase of one Toro product is required for each trade-in.

“This trade-in program is an excellent opportunity for rental store owners,” said Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager at Toro. “It gives them a chance to update their rental fleet and take advantage of significant savings.”


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